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We are the captains of the Super Cyan Submarine. We make impressive websites providing you with an easy-to-use, manageable, effective and, above all, future-proof business tool. Not only do our websites run like clockwork, they also look and feel smoother than a Biggie Smalls freestyle - on every device, on any connection, anywhere in the world.

Cyan Sub love to make websites, and we do some other cool things too.

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Who Are We?

We live and breathe this stuff. It’s a habit; a lifestyle choice; a fully-fledged 24/7 dedication to the cause – like any good old-fashioned addiction, when we’re not doing it, we’re dreaming about it. All of this is just words, however, and we prefer to let our work do the talking.

Solid 15 year team

We met in a deep, dark and dungy computer lab of an educational institute in the bonnie metropolis of Edinburgh, Scotland. Our first project together was done and dusted long before we finished our studies - a tried and tested solid team since 2005.

The Bespoke Element

Our CMS (Content Management System) and every single one of our web structures is built by us. This means we have zero restrictions and that any requirement will be met and delivered with ease.

The Cyan Sub Way

Cyan Sub is a way of life. If we pick up a magazine, we obsess over the typefaces, the justification, the column spacing; we notice the guy sitting next to us who checks his jeans are tucked neatly over the top line of his polished brogues before reading the same magazine. You could say we’re a little bit OCD; we notice everything.

Chas Williams

Creative Director

Stuart Graham

Web Director

Our Services

We make future-proof websites providing you with an easy-to-use, manageable and effective business tool.

Web Manufacture

Our websites are built for today and, more importantly, tomorrow. We can guarantee that every device on any connection will display our work – completely future-proof. We like to build everything from scratch, meaning our websites are 100% tailored to your specific requirements, which could be anything from an interactive map, to a database-driven fully featured shop!

Sonar CMS

Pinpoint, gauge, adjust: all of our websites come with our very own hand-built Content Management System, which all of our clients have full control over, with regards to data on their website – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Print & Packaging

We don't just do websites. We’ve also made some funky fresh packaging solutions over the years. Any box, die-cut or fancy print from your wildest dreams can be prepared by us in-house. So, don’t worry if you have design requirements other than web-based ones, we can cater for those too. Give us a bash.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is oh so important – but not to worry, we’ll take that trouble right off your hands. All of our websites are built very tightly around SEO and, consequently, we've had some pretty impressive ratings that we’re incredibly proud to tell you / boast about.

Social Media Integration

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and so on and so forth… these ever-evolving promotional tools simply cannot be ignored in this day and age. Our websites are fully stocked and integrated with all social media platforms, and allow maximum sharing potential and exposure of your product and/or service.


Last but not least, we've got a keen eye for detail, and a couple of really cool cameras. We can provide photography for your website on top of everything else. Don't be afraid if you don't have what you need - we can do it for you, and make it look cooler than Donovan on a superman lantern.

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